An event series dedicated to contemporary culture through the interaction of music, visual arts, architecture and nature. Serra i So(u)l stands in stark contradiction to mainstream music events/festivals, focusing instead on curating an intimate community & environment, avantgarde music & art, and a highly memorable energy & atmosphere.


    Music is the cornerstone of SiS Musical Ethos. The first two editions of the festival had an artist lineup that featured a mix of committed veterans and unsung heroes of the contemporary DJ and selector scene. In 2022 the festival has focused on developing its own resident artists, who have become internationally known over the years. Genres Disco | Funk | Hip Hop | Jazz | Latin | Jungle | House | Breakbeat Cosmic | Garage | Techno | Afro And Beyond.... Selected Past Artists Jonny Rock | Antal | Winds & Skins | Call Super | San Proper | Twit One | African Acid is the Future | Habibi Funk | Zenker Brothers | O.Bee | David Triana | Tomas Station


    After 2 years of R&D and 12 months of tech development on 26th Feb 2022 OnBeat was unveiled for its first real-world debut. The video below shows some of the user feedback to the MVP (minimum viable product / prototype) of the cashless payment system.

  • How will this work?

    Serra i So(u)l is an exclusive, invite only event for 200 people that will take place over 17th, 18th & 19th June across three different locations and several different venues on the island of Majorca. All festival goers have been personally invited but still have to buy tickets. Before the event everyone will be emailed a link to download the official event app from the Onbeat app store for iOS & Android. Upon arrival everyone will receive an RFID wristband. Before attending their first event festival goers must register with the app, link a payment method and associate their wristband. The OnBeat cashless bar / RFID system & mobile app will be in operation at all venues and across the entire event. Festival goers will pay for drinks and food with their wristband. The app will also enable the user to manage their payment preferences and monitor their spend as well as provide event general information, links to artist profiles (soundcloud etc), location & directions to venues and live event notifications and news.

    What's on offer?

    Headline sponsorship of the event - this includes:

    1. Naming rights & full branding across the iOS & Android application.
    2. Branded wristbands (your logo on the RFID tag & brand colours on the bracelet).
    3. Pre and post email thanking guests for coming on behalf of sponsor.
    4. Official cameraman at every event (official event photos / sponsor watermark & tagged + shared across all social by event and influencer in photo).
    5. Branded T-shirts for staff.
    6. Sponsors posters in toilets at all venues.
    7. Welcome postcard from sponsor in all hotel rooms at host hotel.
    8. Push notifications within the app with link to external website or email.
    9. One free drink promo (a branded voucher) on the phone with guests first drink 'on the sponsor' which can be redeemed at the first event.
    10. Pre and post email to all guests with sponsors message and link to external email / website
    11. OnBeat will also bring a booster mast for wifi / 4G which can also be 'brought to you by xxxx  / sponsor' enabling everyone to have connectivity across the event thanks to you.

    The above benefits can be part of a single package of negotiated separately.

    What's the ask?

    Bottom line, we want to make this happen.

    We appreciate time is against us and our primary objective is to launch the crowdfunding campaign AND prove we can integrate a commercial partner into the application and prove future revenue potential from this rebue source. The combined net-worth of those attending is in the multi-billion dollar category - so this is a very valuable marketing opportunity - however - we are also realistic about how long it takes to make a decision and also how much time, effort and investment needs to be made to convert a sponsorship gig like this into revenue for the partner. Given all that we are looking for £20,000 + VAT to make this happen. We are flexible on what's on offer and how this works and can extend tickets to sponsors for exclusive / unique client entertaining. This is however the third year of the event and the first year of OnBeat, so whoever steps in now we would like to develop a longer term relationship with them and be open to shaping the event and tech for future events to better serve your business objectives.





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